The Perfect Gift for the UC Graduate

Our blue and gold Everlasting Roses make a surprisingly wonderful pairing. They also represent the colors of our founders' alma mater, University of California, Berkeley. As with any Bovi Box™, these real flowers last over a year without needing to water them. 

Blue & Gold Bovi Box™

Blue and gold are the identifying colors of the University of California, and are used by all 10 campuses with some variations. Custom designed and arranged for students at the University of California, the Blue & Gold Bovi Box™ is the ideal graduation gift for students who bleed blue and gold. 

Looking for a graduation gift? Enter discount code CAL2017 at checkout to have your Blue & Gold Bovi Box™ hand delivered for free to a Berkeley or San Francisco address. 

Limited stock available. Earliest delivery on the first week of May. 

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