Belle Vie - Everlasting Roses
Bovi Box™ Gift Set

Belle Vie

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Life is like a box of flowers: full of colorful, pleasant surprises. Inspired by the vibrant beauty of everyday life, Belle Vie invites you to pause and find yourself in a world of color. The radiant design celebrates the joy and beauty in life as you immerse yourself in a whimsical childhood nostalgia. 

Presented in Matte Black Bovi Box™

Featuring an arrangement of colorful everlasting roses handpicked by our award-winning designer.

Sizes available: Medium (7" x 7" x 6")

*Our Everlasting Roses are crafted from real roses and should last up to couple years under the proper care. Visit our FAQs page to learn more. 

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Bovi Box™ Gift Set
Belle Vie Design
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