Joliesse - Everlasting Roses
Bovi Box™ Gift Set


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With the elegant combination of everlasting pink and white roses on a French hydrangea backdrop, the Joliesse is the perfect gift for the ones you care about. Crafted with passion, it is also the beautiful prologue to any love story. Visit our FAQs page to learn how our roses last for years.

Presented in Ivory White (most popular) OR Matte Black Bovi Box™


  • Pink Everlasting Roses
  • White Everlasting Roses
  • White Perfection Hydrangeas
  • Pink Perfection Hydrangeas

Sizes available: Small (6" x 6" x 6")

*Our Everlasting Roses are crafted from real roses and should last up to couple years under the proper care. Visit our FAQs page to learn more. 

Fancy a grander version of Joliesse? Try the Rosé Bovi Box™.

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Bovi Box™ Gift Set
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